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    S/S Pressure Cooker
    Made by Jang-In Metal Craft.

    1.Made of nhigh-quality, heavy-gauge, stainless nsteel, all ncooking ntakes place in the pressure cooker pot.										
    2.Made of high-quality, heavy-gauge, stainless steel, the lid must be properly locked in position in order to build-up sufficient pressure for cooking.										
       The raised indentation on top of the lid, located to the left of the handle, allows you to easily position the lid by lining it up to the cutout on top										
       of the base handle.										
    3. Besides being used to move and carry the pressure cooker. The base handle interlocks with the lid handle when the lid is turned clockwise.										
    4. The support grip provides greater stability when moving or carrying the pressure cooker.										
    5. Use to remove the lid from the pressure cooker, the lid handle contains important components vital to the use of the pressure cooker.										
    6. This operating valve features 2 pressure setting, a steam release position, and a unlock position in order to clean valve. 										
    * Specifications										
    18/8 Stainless steel, Body: 1.2mm thickness, Cover: 1.2mm thickness (28cm cover only 1.5mm) , Steamer: 0.6mm thickness.										
    Aluminum 4.0mm with 0.5mm 18-0 S/S Capsuled bottom for induction cooking purpose.										
    Each set pack in gift box.	
    Capacity	Capacity	Diameter	height	Pack	Measure
    Litre	Quart	Cm	CM	pcs/ctn	CBM/ctn
    5.6 ltr.	6.0 qt	22cm	15cm	2pcs	0.0908
    7.5 ltr.	7.9 qt	24cm	16.5cm	2pcs	0.0885
    5.5 ltr.	5.9 qt	28cm	9cm	2pcs	0.1034
    9.8 ltr.	10 qt	28cm	16cm	2pcs	0.1101